Method Details

Details for method 'HW-Noah-AVPNet2.3'


Method overview

name HW-Noah-AVPNet2.3
challenge 3D vehicle detection
publication Anonymous
project page / code
used Cityscapes data 3D bounding boxes
used external data
runtime 0.04 s
subsampling no
submission date June, 2021
previous submissions


Average results

Metric Value
Detection Score 40.1191
AP 43.5021
Center Distance 96.0015
Size Similarity 82.0723
Orientation Similarity Yaw 88.0287
Orientation Similarity Pitch Roll 99.9603


Class results

Class Detection Score
car 77.1837
truck 29.9754
bus 29.9182
train 24.4514
motorcycle 37.169
bicycle 42.0169


Results json

This json can be visualized using the tool csPlot3dDetectionResults, which is part of the cityscapesScripts found on Github.



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